Build Apps.
Using Your Phone, Tablet or Computer.
Without Coding.

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What's Pineapple anyway?

Check out some of our Features

Easy Drag&Drop Editor

When creating an app you can add buttons, text, and even maps just by dropping them on your screen. Yup, it's that easy!

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Yes. You can create apps right from your tablet and even your phone while on-the-go. You can create, edit and even test your app!
(Psst. We have working prototypes on PC/Linux/macOS versions too)

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Export Code!
Not Just Prototypes

We want you to have Unlimited Possibilities. Apps created can be exported to native code, so that developers can build on top of what was created with Pineapple.

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No Templates.
Unlimited Possibilities

While browsing for "similar" solutions. We found out that there's app generators with rigid templates. With Pineapple make the app your own! You own every element, color, size or pixel on the screen.

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Run and Share

While developing Pineapple, we had to run it thousands of times. We know you need to admire your creation every once in a while. You can test your app on-device, just by tapping one button while editing! You can share your app, for others to run it.

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Additional Features

You thought that was everything? We are like those Marvel movies with after credits. Maybe not as exciting tho. These are some features we think you migh also find useful!
Learning Center

Pineapple is also about learning how to create apps. That's why we are working hard to create courses and tutorials for you.

We know creating an app might not be as easy as it sounds, but we want to be here to help from 0 to AppStore

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Apple Schoolwork

We want Pineapple to be a core tool in education. That's why we made a huge effort to comply with Apple's Education requirements.

Adding Schoolwork support allows teachers to create assignments, measure progress and even grade them!

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Swift Playgrounds Compatibility

People learning Swift love to code on their iPads using Swift Playgrounds. Well, we love it too!

You can check and Run your App's code within Swift Playgrounds.

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